Dear listening ears/reading eyes,

For a long time, I’ve introduced myself as a Singer-songwriter from Eneabba Western Australia. I’m a dreamer and a traveler I’m an optimist. I’m loud. I got to #2 on the Indie charts with my first single “Crazy” I sang to the Troops in Afghanistan.

I’m still all those things, but I went quiet for a few years. Traveled to the U.K and beyond. I cut my long hair short. I fell in love and out, I wrote songs continually. I played in different bands and jammed with who ever wanted too.


3 years ago I came home, well back to W.A. I fell in love, opened a shop called ‘Little Wing” started making Kimonos and high wasted flares, always singing always writing.

I was finally home, I took my shoes off, it was then I started to grow where I was planted. I took up an offer to perform with Sounds Australia in Nashville, it opened my eyes and fed my soul. I did this for the last 3 years working with producer Matt Coles, and Western Australian producer James Newhouse trying out tunes with amazing session players, forming lasting relationships.

This year I stopped chasing that big break and realised if I wanted one to take one ha! As I was ultimately doing what I love most, playing music every day.

I stopped beating myself up for not being further ahead in my career. I started working with what I had in front of me, and mixing it with all I had learned. I started again from the ground up. and self released an E.P. Designed my own artwork, taught myself how to use a computer, reached out to my community, worked hard and self managed my release, played some great festivals, met some beautiful people.

Got the wheels turning outwards instead of in.

Inevitably, I found my space in the place between knowing who I was and finding out who I am.

I’m a songwriter, musician, performer and artist, from W.A. I’m an optimist, I’m a feminist. I’m loud when I talk, I love my old cord flares! I love anything from the 70’s I cry when I think of the friends I’ve left behind sometimes. I feel a lot, maybe too much, but in a song, it always seems to be just enough.

The thing about songs is that no matter how far away I go, or how long I stay away, they always seem to keep coming. I write songs everyday. And as wild and unpredictable as they are, I’ve learned to trust them. I write and sing to soothe myself and have realised I have many voices.

I love music most when it makes me feel human. Feet on the ground, standing with my friends and singing. Improvising has become my favourite thing. So many ways to take a tune. No, I’m not a country singer nor am I Pop rock or Americana. I’m just me.

Feet off the ground, hair wild, driving, moving to that perfect pulse that mimics your beat and mine.

Sometimes I think it’s magic – this thing we can’t see, but makes us all feel the same way. When it’s real, it raises hair and sometimes I don’t know where the words are coming from I’m just in the room listening to myself with everyone else.

I want to make music forever. I want to tell the truth. I want to know how it feels to make the best art I possibly can. And I want to start sharing it with the world stop being fearful of it not fitting a specific genre.

I can’t promise I won’t change or that I won’t disappear again, with new people or ideas that’ll pull me in different directions but I can promise to be me.

To be messy. To be flawed.

To be honest. To be open.

To be human.


Tethered to her craft music as her life line. A Million Lives and a million tales, a storyteller combining an eclectic mix of Americana, soul, folk, Alt country roots. A voice, a timber that grows and sways. Paints a picture that weeps and a memory that stays.

A busy year writing, recording performing Internationally and locally; attending festivals in Tamworth, Boyup-Brook and Nannup.

Giving feet and air to her E.P Gypsy Woman released late 2016. Gypsy Women the single received top 5 finalised at WAM 2017 awards, with the singles Donnelly and Disappear also receiving acclaim locally and internationally.

“Not wanting to slow down now! ” as Kember put’s it.

What’s next?

She is set to release her new single “GO BABY GO “ from her forthcoming Album “MILLION LIVES” to be released early 2018.

Her new single ‘Recorded at Compass Records, Nashville Tennessee and Producer Matt Coles, documents a woman that has travelled to the far corners of the world and back to find her true self.

“In a relationship we need to support what we fell in love with not hinder it. Being in the music industry so many years has taught me finding and keeping a relationship, which will allow me to grow, dream chase that star, has been hard. But if you don’t go you never grow. that’s my point.” Kember”s says.

Career Highlights

* Top 5 “Outstanding Regional song WAM 2017”.

* Semi Finalist ISC 2017.

* Supported Adam Brand 2016.

* Sound Australia Nashville 2016.

* Album ‘Sugar and Stone’, produced by Ian Pritchard (Beautiful Girl and Angus and Julia Stone) and Lindsay Gravina (Magic Dirt, Living End) released to critical acclaim as  ‘a lyrically powerful body of work’ (2009).

* First single ‘Crazy’ reached  #2 on the indie charts (2009).

* Top five finalist in the OZ Music Awards  (2009) (2017).

* Second single ‘Strongest Girl in the World’ mixed by L.A based Mark Needham  (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Veronicas) received national airplay and international exposure as the soundtrack for the hit TV series ‘Heroes’ (2009).

* Two ‘Tours de Force ‘ to war zones in Afghanistan and the Solomon Islands (2009 and 2010). 

* Co-wrote soundtrack songs for the film  ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’. 

*Signed with Independent UK label Halo Records and released ‘Queen of the Sky‘ (2012). 

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